Company arcDIMoy Investment acting as agent of investor and the investment adviser, investment Agency.

Investment arcDIMoy helps foreign investment firms to establish in Finland abd Europe. By the existing co-operations we have contacts and investments of more than twenty (20) countries, all over the world.

Networking smoothly functioning capital market industry-leading service providers to offer the customer's needs individually customized and cost-effective services. Our business is based on long experience, particularly in the real estate investments in different sub-regions and also on international projects. Our business is based on innovations, reliability, quality of services and capital-use efficiency.

Equity Investments in higher returns and can provide entrepreneurship and the growth of investment firms, private equity investments, real estate development projects, and other mensioned above asset classes opportunistic investment targets. All of these places are, however, prepared for continuous presence of an investment destination. Options include activities in raising, use of experts or otherwise liquidity of haggling.